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Special thanks to my biggest fan and husband, former NFL New England Patriots Nose Guard, Art Moore. My daughter Tina Wilson and son Dandre Moore and to all my family and friends. Big shout out to Charles Johnson for the hook up! Very special thanks to Jim Gilstrap, lead vocalist of hit TV show on “Good Times,” thanks you’ve been there from the very beginning. Keith Crouch, my best friend, nephew of the world’s greatest Gospels Icon the late great Andrea Crouch. Thanks for being my best friend ‘love working with you. I’d like to dedicate this CD project to my mother Lillie Ruth Pearson who's encouraged me since I was a little girl and in memory of my father my hero, Adam L. Pearson. I know you're listening daddy!
“He’s so Good” is invactus and a well executed song. Full of rhythm and gospel soul. It will soothe your soul and inspire your heart.
There’s jazz, R&B, pop, gospel and then there’s SWAG. Swag is a rhythmic soulful sound of all of the above. Written as a tribute to the first black president of the United States Barack Obama.
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“SWAG” gone VIRO..
1 million plus views thanks everybody for all your support couldn’t have done it without you--
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on how your record progresses... I think you’ve got a big ole hit Gail- Michael Garvin Billboard jazz chart top artist -


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