About Gail

At the age of 10 Gail would find herself playing outside on the streets of San Diego, California. Gail’s mother would drive up to see her six kids playing dodge ball. She would always motion for Gail to go in the house and practice on the piano. Gail loved the piano and her mother knew she had a natural gift to play. Today, Gail is a self-taught musician and because of her mother she plays strictly by ear. By age 13, Gail had her first opportunity to play for an adult choir. Her mother was the Director of music at Greater Jackson Memorial Church of God in Christ. Sister James was the primary church pianist.

One Sunday, Sister James took ill and Gail’s mom told her on Saturday that she had to play for the mass choir on Sunday. Her mother always made her learn every song she taught the choir, so she was prepared for her first time in front of a big audience that Sunday morning. She knew every song by heart. That was the beginning of her creating, playing, and performing in front of a live audience. Bishop Blake kept standing up and looking over at Gail sitting at the piano playing. He'd shake his head and saying amen, since Gail was so young at the time. During that Sunday she didn’t miss a note and Bishop Blake was amazed at how will she kept up with the drummer and organist. After church she received hugs and encouraging words, even though before that Sunday no one really knew she existed. That began Gail on her way to playing for others. Later she began to write and sing her own songs. Any music she heard and liked would send her straight home where she would learn how to play it. To this day she has written and produced 5 out of her 7 albums and has sang all around the world. From Cuba, to Brazil, Bahamas, Granada, Canada, Dominican Republic, New Mexico, Spain and Venezuela with many more left to come. She's still traveling and doing live performances today. Music is her passion.

Throughout her career she's had the opportunity to sing and perform with the great Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, BeBe Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Erin Neville, Amy Grant, Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and was a special musical guest singer at Tony Perkin's inauguration just to name a few.


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