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Good morning Beautiful Queen Gail, when you and I first met and you allowed me to hear your music. I knew then that things we're going to take shape for you. You have an amazing voice and God didn't give it to you for nothing. I prayed and then knew that 2019 was going to be your year Queen Gail. I am so proud of you and what is starting to take shape in your life. As I said before you have more blessings on the way Queen Gail.
-- Anthony Colbert

Over 1 million views thanks everybody
for all your support

Keep me posted on how your record progresses... I think you’ve got a big ole hit Gail....
Michael Garvin Billboard- Jazz Chart Top Artist

Love this Gail Moore!!!!!….
Stephen White

That's A new look for you and I love it!
…. Michael Wright

Elegance indeed....
Kenneth Marthell

100% …
Milton Russ

When you coming to Vegas to perform
… Darren Merriweather

Wow congratulations Queen Gail.  I am so very proud of you!
Swag is Hott!!  Anthony

Great song to the top with blessings..
Carlton Harris

Heyyy Gail Moore...You got SWAG
Greg Dorsey

Lovely website

I AM EXCITED !!!!! its your Time and Your Season !!!  
Stanley Tucker ( ”SWAG” musical track arranger)

It's a gorgeous website!  Folks need to see what the SWAG is about at a thumbs up!! Sue Parker

Yes  indeed  You got SWAG!!! What  a  soulful sultry voice My Radio Audience loves your Singing. Two of  your  songs  are in heavy rotation on my Indie Artist Show Thanks for sharing can't wait  for  your next release.

I luv it!
Michael Wright

I Thank God for you and your success just keep reaching towards the stars beautiful Queen.
LaJuana Johnson

By Ty

Gail Moore Thank You Gail for the shout-out on the website! Awesome! You are so talented and so glad more are becoming aware of what we, your friends, already know! Continued success Diva!
Charles Johnson

Gail Moore is without question, one of my favorite people on the planet!  SWAG is also one of my favorite songs!!  Love you Gail!  The best is next to come!!!
Bishop Stephen L. White

You look fantastic Gail
Niel Brimelow

I love the new website!
Ron Jutze

Right on right on right on!
Ralph Duval

Thank you for the music
Vladyslav Valduga

Simply Divine true Artist! She's the truth. Her voice is a true vehicle for spirit.  She truly has SWAG!.
Jazzie K Ward

Montgomery, AL
FM 90.7 WVAS

Congratulations on your work, and some very strong consideration for this song on The Wave!
Stu BerketoOn-Air Host/Music Department

One of my Favorites Rock On Sis️.
La Young

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